Monday, October 1, 2012

Flights of Wonder or Wonder where the Flight is?

This has been a day filled with great anticipation...and a few anxious moments! I worked my early shift at Curves before unloading another car full of clothing into my soon-to-be home. When I tried to leave my car in the garage, the garage door would not close! First anxious moment.

Borrowed a carry-on bag. Handle broken off by luggage handlers on miniature airplane. Second anxious moment.

Flew to Dallas with great ease-writing thank you notes and gathering addresses. No stamps in the airport. Third anxious moment.

Checked voicemail to find transferring money from one bank to another threatens delay of closing! Without my signatures and physically running from bank to bank, closing will be postponed. Calls to banks & credit unions interrupted by wet phone lines and LOTS of red tape while the rest of the party eats dinner. Fourth, fifth and sixth anxious moments! (Praise the Lord for a friend who is willing to go to battle from her sick bed!)

Flight delayed an hour and forty-five minutes causing MANY anxious hours to come in anticipation of our hour & forty-five minute layover in London. You count the anxious moments for us from here...consider London airport gate transfers, luggage, etc.

We believe in the power of prayer. Please join us. Our flight is now scheduled to take off at 7:30.

We know Who has us in His hands. We know stuff is stuff. We know a plan is in place for our mission to Kenya. We claim His peace in the midst of humanity! May His name be praised!

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  1. I am praying tonight for a strong tailwind getting you to London in time for a smooth flight with all your luggage to Kenya.. Put the move behind you and it will fall into place when you return.... God bless the four of you and the hundred s who will be blessed by your visit...... Much love Mimi