Friday, March 14, 2014


Leaving Kenya is always so difficult!  But the days come to pass and my tasks are completed for this trip.  Mauryn and Jois prepared grilled fish and chips for an early dinner before all five climbed into the smaller vehicle to see me off at the airport!  We enjoyed songs, poems, the national anthem and the pledge along the road.  Everything went smoothly.  The refurbished departure area is so nice and bright!  They have redone the restrooms which almost caused me an embarrassment!  What used to be entrance for both genders nearest our gate, is now not the one for me!  But the extra walk was well worth it!  I had wondered what I would do with carry on bags, but it was so spacious and clean!

At the Nairobi airport we had another good rain!  I was glad it was not arrival night where you have to deplane via the staircase and take a bus!  Our plane was an hour and a half late due to delays at its origin in London.  The eight and a half hours were long ones with noisy sleepers surrounding me.  As we arrived in London, we were asked to remain seated due to a medical emergency needing paramedics to board the plane and care for a gentleman at the back of the plane.  Good thing I was scheduled with a long layover in Heathrow!

In Heathrow, I maneuvered the trains and security screening to get from B terminal over to A, checked in with wifi, rested and got regrouped only to be relocated back to B terminal at the last minute!  Oh the joys of the international travel.  In Kenya everyone got another great night of sleep through the rain.  And all the while, back in Texas enjoyed Thursday afternoon and are still sleeping soundly...except those who got up to respond to text messages from me!  Now we are boarding for the next nine hours of the trip home.  We should leave on time...and arrive in time for five hours in the DFW airport!  I'm sure my bed will feel really great tonight!

Wednesday, March 12, 2014


Today everyone is busy getting new intros ready to be mailed out tomorrow morning!

Mauryn and Risper transferred pins from the old map to our new one with counties!

White=Name Getters
Green=Feeding Stations
Yellow=Training Center or School

We had a good rain Wednesday night. Today we will work on office work and make plans for October. Tonight I begin the long journey home!

Tuesday, March 11, 2014


We have arrived in Narok where we have checked in at the Seasons Hotel for the night...four hours from home!

We started our day by taking Alfayo, Eunice and Enoch and Mercenine Achieng (a student of Mary Sue) on a tour through the Ruma National Game Park near Homa Bay. We enjoyed seeing several variety of antelopes, a large family of giraffes, a few zebras and four baboons. The game park has recently burned, but even at its best when comparing it to Nakuru Game Park,  I would compare the Pecos Zoo to the Fort Worth Zoo. 

Alfayo registered the game warden for WBS as we exited the park!

Our four hour drive to Narok was uneventful except for the lights and sirens chasing a vehicle that passed us!  Come to find out it was the governor and his body guard!

We are snug in our room for the night and will celebrate Angton's birthday at dinner with a cake from Nakumat.


We had a wonderful night's sleep...unless you think waking up to your two roomies doing The Mosquito Dance would be disturbing!  They were jumping and waving scarves and chasing them around the room. Just as I awoke enough to realize I wasn't dreaming, the power went off again and everyone went back to bed. 

Each evening we three have taken time to share our by one beginning with Risper. Last night was my turn to wrap up my life story with my first trip to Kenya and my decision to retire and devote more time to mission work. WBS work in Kenya has changed more lives than those in Kenya who have become students. Through this work of GCR, many thousands have come to know the saving Grace of Christ; hundreds of churches have gathered together under the leadership of new Christians; these churches have followed the teachings of Christ and ministered to their neighbors, caring for widows and orphans and starting schools.  From the love and serviceof these young men, WBS Kenya was organized and has grown from four young workers to a team of over forty office staff, name getters, and follow up workers!  KWO began when one man had a vision and shared it with one man who shared it with many friends. One by one, friends banded together. One by one orphanages were opened. One by one widows were hired and fifty by fifty children were blessed. Beginning with one WBS orphanage in 2005, now KWO has fourteen orphanages and twelve feeding stations!

Over one hundred volunteers have come to serve our WBS and KWO workers and volunteers. Not one has returned to America the same!

As we ate breakfast this morning, Angton shared his story. We rejoice that we now have a brother in Christ who not only drives our vehicles, but worships with us in Kamulu on a weekly basis. He and his wife were baptized in October!  It is such a joy to hear him speak of his journey and his faith. 

Our morning has been spent in praise reflecting on the joys of the week on the road together. Each of us was able to share times of encouragement during vespers with the orphans in Ndhiwa and each offered prayers as well. Each shared favorite moments...Risper most enjoyed the boat ride.

 Angton and Mauryn loved the morning meeting in Homa Bay with eighty in attendance!  

My favorite was the entire day Sunday...worship that opened my heart- including my first live experience with "Fire!", precious time with the women of Ndhiwa and the lady who honored Eunice before her peers and church leaders, and the marvelous talent show of the Ndhiwa children including the two young ladies who presented the poem proving it is not a curse to be born a girl!

Songs of praise filled the vehicle as we passed through the beautiful Rift Valley. Harmony and unity from three strong voices filled my heart with joy. 

When we stopped at the Rift Overlook, Mauryn found four new WBS students!

Sunday, March 9, 2014


This morning we left Ndhiwa at 8:30 ready for a day filled with new adventures. We drove the back roads of Kenya for over an hour to reach our first meeting place. 

The pristine grounds of Grace House Orphanage are truly a site to behold!  This orphanage will go into rainy season mode within the next two weeks. The only way in or out will be on foot. That means. Large bags or rice, beans and ugali flour will be carried on heads to feed the 64 children, four widows and six members of the mamager's family. 

The tippy taps here amazed me with the addition of the foot pedal to control the water flow and the soap cover to keep it dry during the upcoming rains. 

Three years ago I had to send the aprons to Grace House because of wet roads. Today I was blessed to present hugs and blessings from you at home to four precious widows!

In the dining hall, students were gathering. Before we dismissed at 1:00 for lunch, we had 67 registered attendees!  One of our guests was a GBEA worker who visited at length with Risper and Mauryn. They had more questions than we had time!  And the majority of them wre good questions. I received a box filled with various seeds and leaves to provide me with a taste of Kenya. 

We had a delicious meal and still had time to bless the 64 orphans living her with bags. 

We retraced our tracks back to Manning Orphanage where we met with 44 students. Who also asked excellent questions. At each location we took pictures by study helper group pictures. Before we left, we placed blessing bags on the beds of each child. I know they were joyful when they came home from school this evening!

Back home, the lights were out again. We enjoyed vespers by generator and dinner by lights returning !

We are ready for a good night's sleep!

Did I mention that 34 of the 111 attendees are new students ready to begin their lessons?


What a beautiful day of worship!  Services began at 10:00 and lasted past 1:00!  The people of Ndhiwa can praise The Lord!  We sang. Choirs sang. We prayed.  James preached.  We joined in communion. We gave the offering. We sang. Alfayo preached. We sang. We prayed. We returned home for lunch. 

After lunch we returned to the church building for the ladies meeting. We had twenty eight women in attendance for a sweet time of sharing. 

Then we spent a few minutes entertaining the children with bubbles as we traveled home. 


Saturday afternoon we stopped by the boarding school where Alfayo's fourteen year old daughter, Linda (named for Linda Hunt), is studying and living. The charge nun sent for chairs for our group to join her in her office under the tree. After a period of greetings, she sent for Linda to join our circle for a visit. 

Linda is a charming young lady who is beginning to form her dreams and goals. Her studies are improving and her class standing is higher now than when she began the year in January. 

After evening vespers, Alfayo kept the 27 Ndhiwa WBS students for a brief meeting and time of encouragement. There we several who had finished lessons ready to  return for scoring.   We found others whose lessons have been lost in transit. It was good to hear from them of their studies. 
Students of John Defore
Students of Mary Sue Defore
Students of Sarah Baker

Sometimes blog posts in timely fashion. Sometimes it sits out in cyber space somewhere. 

Saturday, March 8, 2014


This morning we loaded the vehicle to travel to Homa Bay for a WBS Student meeting in the morning and a church leadership meeting in the afternoon. 

Our morning meeting was a packed room with eighty students and WBS workers. Participants came from three surrounding counties. Thomas Alwala brought a van full from Sondu. Kennedy Chandy also brought a large group. Fifty two of these are new students!  Their questions were very well stated and indicated their true interest in scripture study. We heard testimonies and shared the history and future plans for the WBS work in Kenya. We broke for lunch after taking pictures by study leaders at 1:00. 

We were guests in the home of the Homa Bay Church minister. 

At two thirty we met with forty seven church leaders of the three counties.   

Afterward we had an adventure on Lake Victoria. 

Thursday, March 6, 2014


We spent nine and a half hours on the road Thursday and arrived safely at Alfayo's home just before dusk in the midst of a blackout. The trip was a typical bumpy smooth Kenyan drive. We chose the Narok road because it affords less contact with local highway patrols. Our vehicles are all equipped with governors, but the "machines" record above limit low flying transports in various spots along the high road. So we opted for more potholes and less visits to local stations. 

We stopped for quick pit stop at the Rift Valley Overlook.
We passed a troupe of 26 baboons before grabbing a wonderful lunch. Our only other stop was a speedy meeting with Risper's mother on the side of the road. 
Playtime with Steven, Enoch and Ellie was followed by vespers with 150 orphans at Ndhiwa. There we shared tote bags painted by Wesley United Methodist Church members. 

Wednesday, March 5, 2014


In our WBS Follow Up Workers meeting, we were pleased to welcome three of our former/original WBS team members. Alfayo Bodi, Thomas Alwala and Benard Kibet!  They have all three developed extensive work with orphans and widows and have moved into full time positions with KWO. They continue to lead churches to work together in unity throughout their regions. 

These three men will always represent the heart and core of WBS KENYA.  Their years of experiences, spiritual depth and wisdom are priceless commodities to our current program. We are blessed that they continue to join us for our biannual meetings!  Today we are traveling to Alfayo's place where we will be guests in his home through Monday morning. His brother, James Bodi, serves this area as our current WBS worker. 

James and Alfayo have arranged three locations for meetings with  WBS students. We anticipate a very large attendance Saturday morning at Homa Bay. Thomas and several other church leaders will join us there. That afternoon we will meet with elders and leaders from surrounding churches. 

Sunday fermion Alfayo has arranged a ladies' day at his church. 

The picture here is one of my current WBS students who once studied with Howard Farr. Her follow up worker, Simon Karanja. 


All of our twenty two workers attended the meeting on Tuesday...with our two Nairobi team members arriving last!

The office team was well organized and thus, the meeting flowed smoothly.  The workers were all excited to hear of the increased number of teachers at GCR that is necessitating an increase in the number of WBS students we need to enroll each month.  They rallied together to challenge each other to find more and more people interested in studying the Bible.

We had a healthy discussion just before lunch about the recent challenges facing them in the field.

After lunch we heard reports of their churches...the joys, the expanding programs and the challenges faced each and every day.

Eight of our workers are still awaiting motorbikes that would allow them to travel to meet with students who live in surrounding areas.  The fourteen who received the bikes in 2013 were able to report greater contact with these students.  Please join us in praying for this program to expand.

On Tuesday, Mbuve drove the big MITS bus into Thika Road Mall for a visit to the Batta Store.  These men spend hours and hours daily on the dirt and stone roads ministering to their church members.  The soles of their shoes are quickly worn serving souls of their Father.