Tuesday, March 11, 2014


We have arrived in Narok where we have checked in at the Seasons Hotel for the night...four hours from home!

We started our day by taking Alfayo, Eunice and Enoch and Mercenine Achieng (a student of Mary Sue) on a tour through the Ruma National Game Park near Homa Bay. We enjoyed seeing several variety of antelopes, a large family of giraffes, a few zebras and four baboons. The game park has recently burned, but even at its best when comparing it to Nakuru Game Park,  I would compare the Pecos Zoo to the Fort Worth Zoo. 

Alfayo registered the game warden for WBS as we exited the park!

Our four hour drive to Narok was uneventful except for the lights and sirens chasing a vehicle that passed us!  Come to find out it was the governor and his body guard!

We are snug in our room for the night and will celebrate Angton's birthday at dinner with a cake from Nakumat.

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