Wednesday, March 5, 2014


My welcome to Kenya was late Friday night.  The lights had shut down once again at Kamulu, so Mauryn sent Francis out into the night traffic alone to greet me at the airport.  What a delight it was to see his big smile awaiting me on the other side of customs!  All my bags arrived...although the luggage service was slowed by two international flights arriving within five minutes of each other.  Of course ours was the second of the two!

The Mbuves are recovering from jetlag just a day ahead of me.  The four of them were guests at a lovely wedding in Houston and quiet time on a very cold lake in central Texas before flying home one day before my arrival.  

Saturday I met with Mauryn, Risper and Esther to work on office procedures and to plan the week to come.  They were excited to receive bags made especially for them by Julie Burrows.

Later, we made a run into Nairobi to the Nakumat for water and supplies.  There I was able to check emails and Facebook.  Service at Kamulu is seldom reliable.  The rest of the day was relaxing and enjoying family time.  The Mbuve home is quite comfortable and very spacious!  Mauryn has a talent of putting textures and colors together to liven up every room of the house!  What a joy to be directly across the road from the headquarters building which house her offices!

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