Friday, March 14, 2014


Leaving Kenya is always so difficult!  But the days come to pass and my tasks are completed for this trip.  Mauryn and Jois prepared grilled fish and chips for an early dinner before all five climbed into the smaller vehicle to see me off at the airport!  We enjoyed songs, poems, the national anthem and the pledge along the road.  Everything went smoothly.  The refurbished departure area is so nice and bright!  They have redone the restrooms which almost caused me an embarrassment!  What used to be entrance for both genders nearest our gate, is now not the one for me!  But the extra walk was well worth it!  I had wondered what I would do with carry on bags, but it was so spacious and clean!

At the Nairobi airport we had another good rain!  I was glad it was not arrival night where you have to deplane via the staircase and take a bus!  Our plane was an hour and a half late due to delays at its origin in London.  The eight and a half hours were long ones with noisy sleepers surrounding me.  As we arrived in London, we were asked to remain seated due to a medical emergency needing paramedics to board the plane and care for a gentleman at the back of the plane.  Good thing I was scheduled with a long layover in Heathrow!

In Heathrow, I maneuvered the trains and security screening to get from B terminal over to A, checked in with wifi, rested and got regrouped only to be relocated back to B terminal at the last minute!  Oh the joys of the international travel.  In Kenya everyone got another great night of sleep through the rain.  And all the while, back in Texas enjoyed Thursday afternoon and are still sleeping soundly...except those who got up to respond to text messages from me!  Now we are boarding for the next nine hours of the trip home.  We should leave on time...and arrive in time for five hours in the DFW airport!  I'm sure my bed will feel really great tonight!

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