Tuesday, March 11, 2014


We had a wonderful night's sleep...unless you think waking up to your two roomies doing The Mosquito Dance would be disturbing!  They were jumping and waving scarves and chasing them around the room. Just as I awoke enough to realize I wasn't dreaming, the power went off again and everyone went back to bed. 

Each evening we three have taken time to share our stories...one by one beginning with Risper. Last night was my turn to wrap up my life story with my first trip to Kenya and my decision to retire and devote more time to mission work. WBS work in Kenya has changed more lives than those in Kenya who have become students. Through this work of GCR, many thousands have come to know the saving Grace of Christ; hundreds of churches have gathered together under the leadership of new Christians; these churches have followed the teachings of Christ and ministered to their neighbors, caring for widows and orphans and starting schools.  From the love and serviceof these young men, WBS Kenya was organized and has grown from four young workers to a team of over forty office staff, name getters, and follow up workers!  KWO began when one man had a vision and shared it with one man who shared it with many friends. One by one, friends banded together. One by one orphanages were opened. One by one widows were hired and fifty by fifty children were blessed. Beginning with one WBS orphanage in 2005, now KWO has fourteen orphanages and twelve feeding stations!

Over one hundred volunteers have come to serve our WBS and KWO workers and volunteers. Not one has returned to America the same!

As we ate breakfast this morning, Angton shared his story. We rejoice that we now have a brother in Christ who not only drives our vehicles, but worships with us in Kamulu on a weekly basis. He and his wife were baptized in October!  It is such a joy to hear him speak of his journey and his faith. 

Our morning has been spent in praise reflecting on the joys of the week on the road together. Each of us was able to share times of encouragement during vespers with the orphans in Ndhiwa and each offered prayers as well. Each shared favorite moments...Risper most enjoyed the boat ride.

 Angton and Mauryn loved the morning meeting in Homa Bay with eighty in attendance!  

My favorite was the entire day Sunday...worship that opened my heart- including my first live experience with "Fire!", precious time with the women of Ndhiwa and the lady who honored Eunice before her peers and church leaders, and the marvelous talent show of the Ndhiwa children including the two young ladies who presented the poem proving it is not a curse to be born a girl!

Songs of praise filled the vehicle as we passed through the beautiful Rift Valley. Harmony and unity from three strong voices filled my heart with joy. 

When we stopped at the Rift Overlook, Mauryn found four new WBS students!

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