Sunday, March 9, 2014


This morning we left Ndhiwa at 8:30 ready for a day filled with new adventures. We drove the back roads of Kenya for over an hour to reach our first meeting place. 

The pristine grounds of Grace House Orphanage are truly a site to behold!  This orphanage will go into rainy season mode within the next two weeks. The only way in or out will be on foot. That means. Large bags or rice, beans and ugali flour will be carried on heads to feed the 64 children, four widows and six members of the mamager's family. 

The tippy taps here amazed me with the addition of the foot pedal to control the water flow and the soap cover to keep it dry during the upcoming rains. 

Three years ago I had to send the aprons to Grace House because of wet roads. Today I was blessed to present hugs and blessings from you at home to four precious widows!

In the dining hall, students were gathering. Before we dismissed at 1:00 for lunch, we had 67 registered attendees!  One of our guests was a GBEA worker who visited at length with Risper and Mauryn. They had more questions than we had time!  And the majority of them wre good questions. I received a box filled with various seeds and leaves to provide me with a taste of Kenya. 

We had a delicious meal and still had time to bless the 64 orphans living her with bags. 

We retraced our tracks back to Manning Orphanage where we met with 44 students. Who also asked excellent questions. At each location we took pictures by study helper group pictures. Before we left, we placed blessing bags on the beds of each child. I know they were joyful when they came home from school this evening!

Back home, the lights were out again. We enjoyed vespers by generator and dinner by lights returning !

We are ready for a good night's sleep!

Did I mention that 34 of the 111 attendees are new students ready to begin their lessons?

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