Wednesday, March 5, 2014


Sunday evening our Namegetters arrived at the WBS Headquarters building.  Risper and Esther had prepared them a delicious meal and had set up the dorms in preparation for them.  Everyone enjoyed social time together.

On Monday Morning, eleven of our Namegetters gathered for breakfast and the annual organizational meeting.  We were very pleased with their attention and the dedication they have to the work.  When the individual views the task before him as a calling, he sets his heart to doing his best for the Lord.  We were served lunch in the cafeteria store front of MITS.  The afternoon flowed well as Mauryn wrapped up the discussion with the men and Esther and I met with Tabitha, one of my WBS students, for prayer.  Finally Risper distributed travel reimbursements to the guys!

Juma was the first of the follow up workers to arrive Monday night!  Mbuve stirred up ugali for the combined groups that evening!  With the cancellation of night buses, the two groups were together over night.  We were glad to have the Mbuves' old house available for bedding that night.

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