Wednesday, October 10, 2012


The Internally Displaced People' Camp has moved to the top of the hill! Many of the original group have come and built their own homes in the new camp ...bigger and sturdier, but similar in form. Their view is awesome overlooking the valley just beyond. The breeze is fresh and the air is clear.
The goat pen now houses ten goats. There are two cows and a dozen chickens in their farm.
The cho has covers for each one and soon will have running water for hand washing!
The dining hall/church building is larger and stronger than any other of the KWO sights. They maintain the flavor of the original church with stone seating combined with the pews.
The kitchen stands as the premier model for future building. It has running water with a fabulous drainage system for the gray water. The stoves are well vented, metal with three cook spots, grates and vents on the doors to regulate the heat! The ventilation system is capped off to facilitate cleaning. And the counters and back splash are tiled! Even the serving window is decorative and tiled!

We shared the last of our gift bags with the 12 widows here who will share the treats with the children. These orphans received our last bubblegum sweeties. As they continued serenading us fore the duration of our visit with a totally different group of songs than we had heard at the other sites.
Our visit ended as we blew kisses from both sides of the van windows.
Back at Kamulu, we repacked bags and regrouped for a night on the town.

Along the road home, we saw zebras, impalas and deer, but no baboons.

The Safari Park Hotel Dinner Show is much similar to a Brazilian churrascarria. We had our contentment of chicken, ostrich, crocodile, camel, pork, lamb, turkey, goat, sausages and beef! The show was well choreographed and included expert tumblers.

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