Thursday, October 4, 2012

Jambo Kenya

We made the connection in London only because they held the plane for us. We arrived in Nairobi only a few minutes late. The last ones on the plane and the last ones off because our carry-on was in the very back! Maureen and Frances were glad to see us finally make it out with most of our luggage. Jonnie had one suitcase lost in transit, so we hope to gather it tonight before we leave town in the morning. We were finally settled in and ready for bed by midnight.

Today we exchanged money, got me a sim card, enjoyed lunch at the Java House and headed out to see Simon and Susan. Susan was the first of the WBS workers to receive her bag and apron from Montie, Merita and Ann Marie. She was thrilled to find the pockets loaded with a book from Jackie, lotion from Melissa, cards from Bible class ladies, pictures of prayer warriors. We also visited in the home of Elizabeth, a WBS student of Mary Sue's.

Tonight we had a lovely dinner with the Coulstons who live next door to the Mbuves and are the creators of MITS-Made In The Streets.

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