Thursday, October 4, 2012


Today's trip from Kamulu to the ITC is a long road trip, but filled with joy and blessings! Rispa, Maureen, Mary Sue, Jonnie, John & I watched as Frances tied our luggage on top of the vehicle before we all piled in for an 8:00 departure.
Our first stop was at the Rift Valley overlook for Jonnie to see and to purchase musical instruments. The weather was beautiful and clear enough for great pictures.
On down the trail we stopped for samosas at the Delimere and one other stop for petrol. We enjoyed the herds of wild zebra along the road as well as the crested cranes. The flora and fauna are gifts to behold!
The highlight of the road trip was certainly our impromptu visit at KERICHO. The church members all gathered for kisses, hugs and blessings as we glorified the Lord together. The children petted our heads to feel the mazungos...each eager for a handshake and a smile.
Frances and Lily met with us in the dining hall as we blessed Lily for the work she does supporting Frances in every aspect of his responsibilities with the feeding station, the church and the WBS work. Lily and Frances were all smiles to see her honored before her peers. The butterfly effect continues to change lives and bring glory and honor to the Lord. Frances and Lily had gifts for John and Mary Sue, the children sang and the women welcomed us with song and choreography. Three of the older girls took me around back to see their artwork. They had created a floor plan of the house they would love to own one day. It was permanently raised clay under the chicken coop complete with scaled movable furniture.
On down the trail our paved roads glistened with the aftermath of an afternoon shower and we reveled at the blessing of rain on the thirsty lands. Our souls have been refreshed with showers of blessings.
Soon - before the sun sets on our day - we will arrive at the training center which we will call home for the next three days.

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