Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Chesyliot and Loundiani

Tuesday was a delightful day! We spent the day on the road and visiting with the Koech brothers.
The road from Eldoret to Loundiani was an interesting mix. As we traveled the highway that runs from Uganda to Nairobi, we found the heavy trucks had created ruts along the way deep enough to lose a boot! Passing from lane to lane reminded me of crossing the wake when water skiing. The road changed to areas where there were even climbing lanes for slower traffic. Then came rough roads similar to those on the AlCan Highway interrupted by diversions even more rugged than the road. We drove along a short section near Loundiani that had been completed with rocked sloping drainage ditches and culverts at each cross road. Then we came to the next diversion where the Chinese were supervising the building of the "super-highway" here. Our quick stop at the roadside sign marking the Equator allowed Jonnie to get a picture.
We reached Richard and Agnes Koech' home and the Chesyliot Feeding Station. The children were lined and singing welcome songs as we drove into the compound. They were so excited to greet us and enjoyed bubblegum sweeties from their guests. We all sat in the dining room where the choirs entertained us with multiple verses of their welcome songs in English. The ladies honored us with bracelets and Mary Sue with a silk bouquet. We took time to bless Agnes with her gifts from so many women in Texas. She was so excited to receive the bag and apron with her name on them!
We took our leave from Chesyliot and drove over to David and Lily Koech' orphanage, Loundiani. This is where we gifted the children with bags made and decorated by First Methodist Church Andrews. The adults all wanted one as much as the children. We actually had time here to teach some of the children to blow bubbles!
One of the class seven boys read an essay he had written to greet us. It was amazing work by such a young man.
Lily was thrilled to receive her gifts in front of the children, elders and her peers.
We were gifted with mursik carriers and Jonnie with a basket. After lunch and a tour of the compound, we traveled on to Nakura for the night.


  1. It is fantastic that God is leading all of your group to bless so many!! especially the ladies/ widows and workers doing God's work.
    Thank you from one of your Prayer Warriors..

  2. It is such joy to follow your trip. I am sure any of these are getting to you, but I hope so. Your Mom's are posted. Mine are not. Anyway, blessings and safety as you wind down your trip. Love, Jane

  3. Now that I finally got one to post, I want to tell you what joy it has been to follow your travels day by day and see the glowing happy faces and the bags and the BIG BUBBLE!! How fun. Continued blessings to you, your team, and all you encounter as you have been a blessing to so many. It is wonderful to see the progress that is been made in buildings and equipment. God is good. Love, Jane