Saturday, October 6, 2012

WBS Workers

The morning was a productive meeting with WBS follow up workers and orphanage directors. The men and Juliet (our first female follow up worker) were delightful and eager to learn from John.
Sharon brought her four children up from Sondu to visit for the day. Casy, 9, Sid, almost 7, Neal, 1, and Cherie, 2 months, entertained Mary Sue and Jonnie all morning. They are very sharp young boys with excellent English skills.
Frances drove us over to Dirubi so Mary Sue could see how the facilities have changed. The children sang for us till the rains began. Jonnie returned after the rains to enjoy time with the children.
We were thrilled to be invited to evening vespers with the ITC students who were in our orphanages just last year. They are well into the first year of a two year trade program in one of five trades: agriculture, cosmetology, computers, business accounting or auto mechanics. The choir was phenomenal and the young men well prepared for their talks. John Kariuki gave a great charge to the students and then John Defore added a blessing for them. The secondary students from Dirubi had been in Saturday school preparing for exams when we visited, so they came over to sing at the end of vespers.

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  1. I would love to hear those children sing -- especially in their own language. They are very attentive to Jonnie teaching them about frogs?
    Is Tim holding a namesake?
    Did Sharon know i was praying for her?
    Thanks for the blogs tonight.