Thursday, May 17, 2012

Travel Day

We never saw Wednesday's night sky! Early in the morning I left the house traveling east, but in Dallas we turned back to the west and followed the sun across the Pacific Ocean into Thursday! As our family enjoys the last dark hours of sleep this morning, we sit in the Seoul, Korea airport watching the sun set on Thursday evening! It's sometimes difficult to know where the day went when we are home, but this day really slipped past me! We will soon board yet another six hour flight and cross back over two time zones to arrive in Phnom Penh at 10:00 this evening...all before you have lunch on Thursday. Needless to say, my sleep pattern is a bit confused! I will definitely appreciate the bed this evening! We enjoyed a King's March through the airport here as we trekked to our transit gate. Then Joe gave Garrett pointers on using the iPhone overseas.

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