Thursday, May 24, 2012


It seems that the day was made for presentations. Both the CBI students and the morning children's class stood before the young men to demonstrate what they have learned.*****Today the students were assigned portions of the story of Noah in Genesis 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9. One young man was selected as the leader by the class. That leader was given the assignment of dividing the scripture into nineteen sections so that each student presented his section as it appeared in the scripture. After an introduction of mary Margaret's youtube retelling of the story and listening to the children's song on video, the men were given two hours of study and preparation time. After lunch they came back prepared to present their study to the entire class. Each of the young men did a fantastic job! Sokhom and Joe were amazed at their understanding and depth. They related the facts with ease, but their illustrations and parallels to the New Testament and their own testimonies were so impressive that the teachers were moved to tears with excitement over their growth in the past six months of faith! ***Chanthy related the levels of the ark to the trinity. He went further to explain that Jesus is the only door into the kingdom. Only one level of the ark had a door from the outside. Once the animals had entered the ark, the door was shut behind them and their security was preserved for eternity.***Sok had wonderful presence. He stood firm and gave each of the audience his full attention with eye contact. He even used the leader at his side as part of his illustration. His section was Genesis 8:1-5. Sok was astonished at the seeming discrepancy in the scripture. God seemed to favor Noah over all of His other children. Then he looked deeper into the scripture and related the relationship of God to that of a teacher with 21 students. The teacher bought a gift for each of the 21 students for when they completed their assignments. Only one reached the goal, so the teacher's heart was broken that he could not give each of his students the gift prepared for him. God loves each of His children equally. He is broken hearted when he must deny entrance into heaven to those who do not accept his gift just as He was broken hearted to see His creation perish in the flood. Sok is an only child. He is boarding here many miles away from family and home--in a very foreign situation. His entire village is Muslim. He is so excited about returning to his people to share his faith and offer them a gift...the saving knowledge of Christ's resurrection!***Each of the nineteen stories could be recounted with ferver. The students were quite impressive.***The children also took an opportunity to present their songs to the young men. At the end of the morning class, we marched the 20+ children down from the third floor to sing for the students. They sang Heaven is a Wonderful Place and Jesus Loves the Little Children.***Early this morning I introduced Sovan and SreyNang to the hobby of geocaching. We walked down about a quarter of a mile to the Buddhist temple and cemetery where the cache Monkeys Temple is hidden. Unfortunately, the cache seems to have been muggled. We did find monks and monkeys as we strolled through the shrines.***AS we sit this evening, taking a breath between classes and awaiting our evening meal, it is so rewarding to hear the songs echoing through the halls as the students file down the stairs throughout the house for dinner. Their enthusiasm is contagious! Tomorrow they will again go into the neghboring village to share their faith. Pray for these faces as you remember us here.

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