Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Bibles and Blessings 5/18/12

This morning with the children we worked on learning about Jesus and the cross. The children constructed a cross art activity with Christian symbols and words. They learned a new verse to God is so Good singing Jesus on the cross, took away my sin. Several of the children had been asking me for a book. Today they took me to Sokhom and asked him for the book. The book they wanted was a bible like the one I had used on Sunday to teach them the stories of Baby Moses and of Jonah and the Whale. **** Back home Mary Crabtree had wanted to be a big part of our trip to Cambodia, but was unable to travel herself. She organized the Tuesday morning Women's class to collect money for Bibles to get the Word On The Street in Cambodia. Sokhom purchased Bibles with the money wired over before we traveled. Then our Bible Class on Sunday morning with Gregg & Randy collected about $624 to purchase more Bibles as well. Today Sokhom sat patiently with the faithful morning students who work through two hours of English class and seriously wanted a Bible to take home to share the good news with their families! The children were precious...so proud of their work and of their new possession. They left grinning and eager to go find the stories for themselves. Breakthroughs that have been made into the Buddhist community surrounding the CBI will provide opportunities for future contacts. Seeds have been sowed. Your dollars have changed lives 12 hours in the future even while you sleep! We serve a God who is amazing beyond the children's imagination. I believe that we have met some of the future CBI students in the morning class of English this month! I am richly blessed!

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  1. Praise God! Loved reading about these precious children and their excitement in having their own Bible. Grateful that God invites us to join Him in His work around the world. Thank you for being His hands & feet there & for sharing your journey with us. Blessings, Cindy