Friday, May 18, 2012

Cambodian Bible Institute

The day begins early here. The eighteen students and two staff join in the main room at 5:30 for worship. Since this is just outside my bedroom window, it serves as my alarm clock this morning. Several praise songs and a devotional led by the students begins the day with the perfect focus filling the entire building with the Spirit of the Lord. Breakfast follows with coffee, egg and French toast! Srey Mang, Sokhom's daughter,has mastered the arts of culinary skills. She juggles responsibilities maintaining a three story home/dorm/school, shopping, cooking, cleaning and laundry for twenty on a daily basis plus multiple guests from foreign cultures who come to teach for a week to a month at a time. This three-week period she has moved onto the floor to share her 10X10 room with me and all of the paraphernalia I have brought with me!her sweet spirit and welcoming smile instantly won my heart last night! Watching her in the market this morning calculating quantities and recipes in her head for the next two meals...four menus! She is careful these first days to consider the three new Americans and our dietary needs. Srey Mang has experienced a variety of likes and dislikes in serving the multitudes who have come in teaching and medical teams from all over the world. Soon she will see that we will be happy to eat from the menu she prepares for the students!Sokhom gave me a tour of the fabulous facilities here. The view from the third floor veranda of the Mekong River is phenomenal! A more beautiful place to study, worship or meditate would be difficult to find. The back yard of the New Zealand Red Cross building directly across the street slopes down to the banks. In the distance away from the river, the encroaching skyline is constantly growing as skyscrapers advance further and further into the clouds. A panoramic shot from the rooftop would amaze us all. The open verandas and dog trot style construction allows a constant breeze to cool the tile floors and walls offering a welcome contrast to the high humidity and stifling sun beating down. Three bedrooms are equipped with window units to provide comfort for sleeping for Americans including Sokhom!Survey Mang, Phalika and I drove down to the market returning in time for my first children's English class. After lunch I taught the students English and gave them their backpacks. I "helped" with dinner by taking pictures and entertaining Jon T and Phalika's son Daniel who is about 18 months. After Bible class Sokhom drove us around town before dinner. We returned to a class of ten children before dinner. Then I wrapped up the day with another English class on Family. Saturday morning will find us on the road by 5:00 to reach our destination for the house church seminar on the Vietnam Nam border.Blessings overflow!

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