Monday, May 28, 2012

Children's Books & Tongue Twisters

My English classes with the students today were diverse. The first one had them reading a beginning reader ofBible stories. There are a couple of them who found this very easy, but others found it quite a challenge. The books will be good for them to use in teaching children English and Sunday school. The evening class was tongue twisters focusing especially on letters that give them difficulty... th & s, v & f. The children's classes were funny as I would have six show up early. About the time they went home another dozen or more showed up. We reviewed Sunday's lesson and learned "My God is so Great" then played a number game. ***Joe's classes were presentations of Abraham's story...Then a reworking to meet the assignment and re-presenting in the PM. *** Srey Nang made sweet and sour pork from Sokhom's description and got the recipe right on!

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