Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Spiritual Warfare

There is a battle raging in this world. The combatants are too often unseen, but occasionally one takes on human flesh. Sunday Paul Pinkley taught his lesson about this very subject. Pray today for peace for those who stand against attacks of the evil one. I am living in the home of a man who could be a modern-day Job. The work he is doing for the Lord is amazing. His devotion to Christ and his steadfast self-sacrifice has brought so many to saving faith and others to a closer walk with the Lord? You cannot help but be touched by his story...,_death_and_rebirth_in_The_Killing_Fields Today join us in prayer for those who would seek to gain financially from his generosity and dedication to the Lord's will in his life and for the peace that comes after the personal hurt of betrayal.****Joe conducted an overview of the Bible today with emphasis on the triune nature of God. His studies with the students will walk through the heroes of our faith guiding the young men to choose the right and face evil eye to eye!****My children's classes continue to grow. Every time I get a small group started, the crowds press in from the sides! They arrive at 7:10 for the 8:30 class and at 12:30 for the 3:30 class! Just as the afternoon class got well started, the daily rains came in torrents along with a strong wind. We were "blown" out of our tird floor veranda classroom and into the hallway. Fifteen minutes late r the rains were gone leaving puddles in our workspace. The children multiplied with the clear sky.****The students get double doses of me each day. We have one based on scriptures or worship songs and one hour of camp songs or games. Even young adults enjoy having fun and using laughter to learn!****We are so well fed! Srey Nang makes sure our diets are well balanced and we have every delicacy imaginable. We miss Garrett, and our hearts ache to see Sokhom attacked by a former friend and coworker, but God blesses us daily through His plan for our days. We are more richly blessed than you can imagine!

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