Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Good Days and Good-byes

The children came today in droves. I started out the day with ten sweet young children in the back work area where motorbikes are stored, macramé is tied, hammocks swing babies to sleep and all meal preparations are made. While the ladies went to the market for today's supplies, I taught colors and math skills along with a review of Sunday's lesson on the importance of one young child. We sang over and over about the love of Jesus for little children. The groceries arrived along with two young ladies ready to take over the room for preparing lunch for the masses. Simultaneously, fifteen more eager English students came to study/sing/play! We moved to the front driveway and continued learning more English with a review of songs and games with jump frogs and Noah's Ark. This would be the first of three groups of children's classes totaling fifty four today. The evening class includes several of the CBI students who are beginning English speakers. They enjoy these classes as much as the children do. I've begun to incorporate more children's games and songs in with the students' English classes as well. They enjoyed the lollipop song today along with "Heaven is a Wonderful Place" which made them laugh. Tonight I began looking into their computer skills. Classes filled with laughing students thrill a teacher's soul.*****Garrett finished I Timothy with the boys today and did an overview of II Timothy as well. It has been a perfect selection for the young men to study together. They have been eager to ask questions and participate in discussions. He ended thee session by washing the feet of the students. It was a moving experience as he and Sokhom knelt to honor each one. ****Garrett's departure was honored by a true Cambodian-American barbecue! We had coconut milk straight from the coconut, sticky rice, grilled vegetables and a perfectly cooked steak! For dessert we enjoyed the meat of the coconut, mangoes and Rambutan fruit. The students enjoyed jamming with Garrett and his new Cambodian guitar. When he left, he gave them his souvenir to continue the jam. This young man of God has left a deep impression on the hearts of his students. ****God bless you, each one as you continue to lift Sokhom and his work here to the throne daily. Lives are being changed. Souls are coming to the Lord. Joy is spreading throughout Cambodia. ********Saturday we will take a medical mission trip to the Women's Island. Ten local doctors have been enlisted to join us in hopes of ministering to 200-300 women and children that day!

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