Saturday, June 29, 2013


Up with the sun...

We joined GCR in the beginning of our 50 days of prayer, but fasting isn't happening here this week!  At least it doesn't seem to be that any of our crowd has been hungry!  The Kenyan food is varied enough for even the pickiest of us to enjoy bountifully!

Our worship was inspired this morning.  Tim interwove the stories of Thomas, Alfayo, Kennedy, Moses, John, Tim and each of us present to be used by The Lord as he calls and prepares us.  It truly was a blessing.  The Uriri youth had pulled our hearts into the very presence of God with beautiful themes of praise and unity...service and love...mercy and salvation!  Their joy fills the air inside and out!  Communion was shared at the table and tenderly accompanied by voices throughout the congregation.  Our hearts melted and blended as Stephen translated the service and George Oscar, one of our WBS workers visiting today, led the congregation into a time of offerings.

We have become a well oiled machine as we service in family union one with the other in this clinic.  It seemed the 94 children glided through our stations as each team member offered assistance as needed.

Rain in Uriri simultaneous with dust in Odessa, our lives are connected in worshipping our savior!

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