Tuesday, June 25, 2013


Wednesday morning we will load our bags into cars in Odessa, Andrews, Dallas and Midland to gather in the lobby of the airport and distribute supplies prior to check-in for our first leg of the June Medical mission with KWO.  Our travels Wednesday will take us first to DFW where we will complete our team and then over the Atlantic to Dubai where we will spend Thursday morning.  

Then we will depart for our destination of Kenya!  Come travel with us via this blog.  Anticipate meeting up with our Kenyan brothers and sisters as we work hand in hand along the way!  Look forward to seeing into the eyes of over 400 of our precious young children who live in our KWO orphanages or who are fed from the widows who serve in our feeding stations.  Be ready to be amazed by the love, concern and tenderness you will witness as this team of sixteen Texans...five medical personnel and eleven non-professional servants...and countless Kenyan KWO & WBS personnel and volunteers ministers to the needs of these children, widows and church members.  Then hold onto your hats as a smaller group of us go on safari!

Each of us will wear many hats this trip.  I will serve on the team as "pharmacist" and will also meet and work with our WBS workers in their communities.

We are packing medical equipment, WBS office supplies, baptismal waders, treats for the children and some very special treat bags.  
Five hundred bags have been painted by members of Andrews Wesley United Methodist Church to be given to each of our orphans and widows.  Sunday the church in Andrews held a special dedication during their morning worship praying for the children who will receive and cherish their bags.
(My mother enjoyed lending these saints a hand during her recent visit in my home and painted twenty nine of the bags herself.)

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  1. Hello, Pam! What a wonderful message I get to share with my church tomorrow! You are on our minds very much and our prayers are with you as you are in ministry with the people of Kenya. What a blessing it is for us to be able to share with you in this small way in reaching children and others with the love of Christ as you literally follow the command to go into all the world. Love in Christ, Jane