Saturday, June 29, 2013


Our first day in clinic took us back to the IDP camp, KIKITEMO. I love seeing Grace, Susan, Lucy and Tabitha in their beautiful aprons and the darling children. They have grown so since I began visiting in their homes in 2011.  They have matured in their faith, and their joy and enthusiasm continues to amaze me.  

Their new facilities are state of the art!  They have running water for the kitchen and the sink for hand-washing at the cho.  This sweet group of displaced people have become a family and a community reaching out to spread the gospel.  Their new homes are built on four of the six acres they raised monies to buy.  Immediately after buying their land, they donated one acre to KWO to be used for building the feeding station for the orphans in their care and offered to sell the sixth acre to KWO for the site of a possible future orphanage.  These are amazing people!

They welcomed us with songs and hugs...excited to see us and eager to spend the day with us!  Their love of The Lord is phenomenal!  It shines in their eyes.  It radiates from the glow on their faces and resounds from their praise in song.

Quickly we set up the dining hall into our makeshift clinic...the triage station at the door, the dental chair and materials in one area, the doctors on the other side of the pharmacy.  Hand washing instruction, teeth-brushing activities and an area for reading books we brought filled the room.  The children entered the room to be weighed and measured then registered with Maureen who completed the card and gave them their precious goodie bags from the members of Wesley United Methodist Church of Andrews.  Their smiles brightened as they received stickers on their foreheads and went from station to station...receiving a pen at one, toothbrush and cover at another...bouncy balls, Smarties, bubble gum, twirly birds, lollipops, friendship bracelets, etc.

Working the pharmacy, we stayed busy throughout dispensing the correct dosage for children as prescribed by the two doctors.  Barrett helped me organize and dispense today as we do not conduct eye exams at feeding stations.

Lunch was taken in shifts as we continued the flow of examinations for the children and residents of KIKITEMO IDP Camp.  It was delicious and served in Grace's home.

After clinic we had a little play time to sing and throw frisbees, kick soccer balls and learn new games!  What a fun and fulfilling day!

Our drive on to Kunste Hotel in Nakura was beautiful and invigorating as our new team members spoke in rapid-fire rounds about their love and amazement for the sights and joys of the day!

Dinner at the new Java House, a quick shopping spree at Nakumat and then checking into the hotel for a great night's rest!

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  1. You have all been busy these past days! What a whirlwind of travel and activity! I envisioned the children and the bags being given out with all their goodies. What fun for them and what joy for you and the team. Goodnight and God bless you as you rest and renew for Sabbath tomorrow! Love, Jane Kirby