Saturday, June 29, 2013


Saturday dawned early in Kenya...eight hours before it did in Texas!  We enjoyed a hot shower and a delicious breakfast buffet in our hotel before packing up the vehicles.  We sent the medics on to the feeding station to set up the clinic while we waited for Risper to come from Nairobi to bring the missing needles for the dentist to use in extractions.  

The clinic was running by the time we arrived!  Hugs and kisses before finishing the set up for the pharmacy were greatly appreciated as we disembarked from the vehicles!  

We quickly fell into the flow and dispensed meds for doctor and dentist throughout the day.  We completed serving the children before sitting down for a delicious lunch prepared by the widows and church members.  The selections were unbelievable!

Maureen and I met with Evans, Harrison, Richard, Samuel and Francis before and through lunch.  It is so nice to get names, faces and personalities together for our WBS workers while in a more informal setting.  They enjoyed serving as interpreters and helping to coordinate the clinic today.  These men are incredible evangelists spreading the word of God to neighboring villages, family and friends!  

The travel through tea country is always beautiful as are the faces of the people we pass along the way.  We stopped for fuel across from the Tea Hotel long enough for the new members to take a quick tour of the grounds and catch sight of monkeys on the lawn!

We arrived in Kisii at the Dados Hotel in time for 7:30 dinner and fellowship.  Now it is off to bed for early morning departure for worship and clinic tomorrow!

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