Tuesday, July 2, 2013


Today we returned to Uriri to work with our older orphanage youth and widows before working with the children from the Uriri Feeding station.  We saw several adults in the group in between who work with our orphans.  The morning was a great time to get a little more organization into the medicine supply bags while we saw children.

Uriri knows how to make a spread for lunch!  We have eaten like kings!  Chipatti, fried chicken, kale, dangu, rice, fried plantains, potatoes, beef stew, fruit salad, bottled water and soft drinks!  The flavored of Kenya are sensations to savor for a lifetime!

It is such a blessing to be around Kennedy and Maureen Chandi and their adorable girls...Merisue, Sabrina and Linda Hunt!  Oh how the memories flood up and around us as we cherish the legacy Linda left behind!  These girls will grow into strong Christian ladies one day who will spread the gospel in their land.

The sounds of choruses and praise filled the great hall as the youth choir shared their talent with us and taught Maureen new songs.  I cannot wait to get one of the CDs that KWO has cut of the children singing!  That is a perfect way to keep their love in my ears as I drive down the way.

The industries of sugar processing and brick making help to fund the needs of the children we serve here.  

Maureen and I held a meeting with Lucas, George and James after lunch while others played.  The men are ecstatic about the few motorbikes we will be able to distribute amongst them soon.  It will be a major enhancement to their work as they will reach so much further distances with the gospel!  One day we hope to be able to get a motorbike for each of them to use!

The soapstone factory is always a fun stop as I seek out unusual pieces to take back with me.  This time a unique giraffe family depiction caught my eye!

We were excited to arrive back in Kisii in time to join those back home for noon hour Monday prayers!  Oh, the joy of unified worship and love!

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