Wednesday, July 3, 2013


The spiritual language communicates heart to heart and soul to soul.  Our actions, our words and our even our thoughts build others up into the body of Christ.

But there comes a time when our lives become part of God's lovesong.  A time when in rhythm with the beat of the melody with the braying of the donkey, the mooing of the cow and the delightful squeals echoing across the fields our moments are lifted up in praise to the Lord.  God's lovesong becomes perfect harmony as each of His children humble themselves in adoration and praise.  With each serving in submission to the other, each is honored and lifted to God's throne. This is how we have walked this week...surrounded by the most angelic voices.  Sometimes others heard the song the same while other times we each heard the song through the soul of a patient, widow, WBS worker or child.  His harmony resonated throughout our days.

Today as I visited with George Oscar and Lucas about their families, I felt the joy of these men fall into the harmony.  Their families are following their footprints of service and evangelization.  They are growing strong in their faith.  They are working hard on their studies in hopes of reaching high scores to qualify for the university.  George and Lucas were true servants today translating for centers and helping with measuring each child and worker as they entered the clinic.  Their servant hearts entered the heartsong in perfect harmony.

A piece of our heart stayed behind at Uriri as we pulled out for the last time this week. Exhausted physically and emotionally, we were stronger than ever in our determination to extend the mission beyond the time limits of this trip.  

Reflecting, rejoicing, reconnecting and reveling in God's mercy we drove back down familiar roads over familiar speed bumps and around the potholes toward Kericho and the Tea Hotel.  We stopped in Kisii at the soapstone factory where we saw the carvers using machetes, knives, pocketknives and files to create intricate, delicate statues before our eyes.  CJ is a master at negotiating and lumped all of our purchases together to lower the price for all yesterday.  Today our stop was quick to pick up a couple special orders and last minute items.  Now it is time to repack and use our imagination in getting these into our bags safely!  Nakumat, we need bubble wrap!

 An evening on the veranda of the Tea Hotel...dinner in the dinning hall...sweet sleep and refreshing showers...God is good all the time--ALL the time GOD is GOOD!

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  1. Hello Pam! It is just past noon here in Texas and I just read your July 3rd post. How beautifully you describe your experience with all of creation coming into perfect harmony in praise to God. How blessed we are to experience with you through the site. I know it takes time and energy, both of which are in short supply, to do this for this for us. Thank you for the extra effort you put in to share the message and the experience with those of us who are not able to go along. It is exciting each time I read and I thank you and love you for allowing me to be a part of this great adventure for God. Jane Kirby