Sunday, February 26, 2012

Sunday With Dimbeswar

This morning we were met in the restaurant by Mama. He had joined us yesterday on our way to the picnic. We were glad to see him for we knew we were headed to a wonderful worship experience! Sunday morning in Manikpur…
After the hour drive out to the village we were surprised that we were taken to the children’s home. We thought the children came to the school for Sunday School, but we were glad to have about two hours with the children, so we reached into our bags of tricks and came up with fun activities to teach them. We brought nametag sticker once again to assure that we did not call the incorrect name of a child. They love wearing them and were proud if they had preserved the one from yesterday and had two!!! The children are so well mannered and so helpful with each other. I had brought sticker activities that teach Bible stories, so we pulled out the story about the little boy with two fishes and five loaves to show what a difference a child can make in the life of another child or in the life of a large crowd of adults! The children enjoyed manipulating their own sticker pages and young Rachael interpreted for us! She was thrilled to be the little mother of the group.
We had paper cutout manipulative for Bullfrogs and Butterflies today. This has become our theme song with the children all over India. They are so thrilled to hold up the correct picture and to yell the song along with us. We also sang If you’re Happy and You Know It, Make a Heart for Jesus and If I Were a Butterfly.
After another sticker story translated by Rachael, Mama led us in a prayer. We said good-bye to the children for the day to head over to worship service.
We arrived during the song service. They were kind to include a couple songs in English for us and another couple that had familiar tunes so we could sing along. The worship service was uplifting and joyful. He preached on Matthew 28 and Acts 2. We were able to pick out a few words here and there and watch the location in his Bible to find the scripture for ourselves. We enjoyed taking communion and the dedication of the new babies/children who were in attendance for the very first time. Maram and Mamu were attending their very first time as they have just joined Dimbeswar in Manikpur last week. I was glad to be standing by Maram during the blessing prayer and held my hand out to her with a very special blessing for healing and peace to enter her body and soul.
After a time of visitation, we gathered with eleven women to share Bible study and songs. Dimbeswar sent his son Michael in to translate for us. I had brought my saree so that they could show me how to wear it. Michael left long enough for us to have the clothing lesson, but reappeared as soon as I was draped.
We used the story about the Samaritan woman from John 4 as told in the CAMEOS OF THE WOMEN OF THE NEW TESTAMENT by Yvonne Brooks for our discussion with the women. The women were not as open as the children in attempting to use English. Our song time with them did not go over well, but we were able to get them to interact by speaking a chain blessing one to the other around the circle. Then they taught me to say Jesus loves us all in Assomese. It sounds something like this: Jesue ama morom kire. I have practiced this with each one as they left the yard this afternoon. They grin at my attempt to enter their culture.
Jonnie and I were served lunch on banana leaves in a room separate from the group. Dimbeswar and Mamu ate in their kitchen with Maram while the congregation were served in the kitchen area on long tables.
Afterward we visited with various groups of people, tested the CD player for tomorrow and set down a schedule on paper for the rest of our time here. Mitu and Michael escorted us back to the hotel as Dimbeswar set out on his rounds for house church meetings.

We are backing book bags for the women teachers of Little Flower School tonight in anticipation of time with them tomorrow afternoon. Your love is evident as we pack items you have sent with us for the different ones. We feel your love and joy as we present your works of love each time. God bless you as you see the delight in the eyes of the children and teachers! Your butterfly wings are changing lives on the other side of the world!


  1. Excellent! I hope you are feeling the prayers we are sending your way! Thank you for sharing in such detail. I can imagine everything you are saying, well, almost! My question is, are you updating your blog at the end of your day or the beginning? Hope each day is more beautiful for you!

  2. Blessed to read your blog! God is good! May He bless & protect you on this journey to share His love with these precious ones!
    Praying for you!