Monday, February 20, 2012

Parents' Day at Morning Star

This morning we were up and ready for our driver to take the hour drive from Siliguri out to Mahendra's home and school.  The morning drive is delightful as we pass by fields of tea, rice and pineapples growing; cars, trucks, bicycles, carts, walkers going in all directions to begin a day of activities; businesses opening, families gathering, mothers cleaning, schools buzzing, and faces smiling!  The sights and sounds of India rise above the foggy haze out over the fields as the world reawakens while back home friends and family prepare for a night's rest.  Eleven and one half hours ahead of those in Texas, we are still adjusting to our new time schedule.  India is a country filled with color and excitement and people who need to know Jesus!

We walked into the schoolyard where children were gathering in lines by age--gray shorts and skirts topped with white tailored shirts and gray sweaters in graduating lines faced the school while colorfully dressed teachers stood on the porch above them simultaneously welcoming and inspecting them.  As each name was called, a military sharp "Yes sir!" was echoed back.  The youngest of the gray clad participants as distinct as those whose age has already reached the mature age of ten. 

On the opposite side of the yard brightly adorned mothers and crisply dressed fathers lined the fences perched in eager anticipation of the day.  The parents had been summoned for Parents Day.  Little did they know what the day held in store for them! 

Students climbed the steps to the school porch and lined their benches to observe.  Roll was called by student number and each child rose with a crisp "Present, Sir! or Absent, Miss!"  Then the children descended to the schoolyard once again for games with the sisters from America.  We learned to sing and played Head and Shoulders, Head Thinker and  Bullfrogs and Butterflies.

Then the children marched back upstairs to watch their parents play. 
And the official program began with introductions, welcomes, and announcements.  The children sat quietly while the parents let their hair bobbing, flour balancing, sack racing, candle lighting and fighting over chairs in a game of musical chairs.  The students applauded and encouraged their parents as they competed with joy and enthusiasm.

Prizes were awarded to first place winners all around by the visiting sisters before lunch boxes were delivered for the children.  We were treated with the extras after the parents and teachers had been served.  Samosas and sweets filled first the boxes then our stomaches!

Teachers and Staff with prized Book Bags

The children and parents left for the afternoon while the teachers gathered for staff development with us.  We honored them with book bags made by the ladies of GCR and filled with Bible study booklets and gifts sent by GCR members to them.  Jonnie presented the life cycle charts for butterflies and bullfrogs and introduced the teachers to the Butterfly Effect that can happen in their very classrooms when they touch the life of an individual child.  Mahendra took up the charge with the opportunity to present the gospel to his teachers.

Land for the new school

The day was full of blessings from beginning to end!

After lunch with the family, we headed over to inspect the land Mahendra has obtained for the new school.  We walked the perimeter and prayed for the plans God has already prepared for the location and the lives that will be changed one at a time.

Mahendra and Elizabeth accompanied us to the airport to pick up my bags!!!  We wanted Elizabeth to receive her precious bookbag from us since we would not be seeing her again this trip.

All is well in India!  We are content, well fed and have all our gifts securely in our possession!

Elizabeth with Bookbag

Pam with Found Bags


  1. Wonderful!! So great to hear all the precious stories and see pictures!!

  2. Your words certainly paint a picture of the events you are experiencing . Mahendra's love of family and of teaching children and of our Heavenly Father certainly is evident! by work and pictures.. Butterflies are flapping their wings!
    I love seeing those bags finally in your arms!!

  3. Good Evening, Pam,

    How I enjoyed reading your events of Tuesday and Wednesday. It's almost like I'm there with you! I love seeing the pictures of everything, but especially the children with the bags! I'm hoping I get to see "my girls" somewhere along the way. Merita sent this website address to me, and I sent it on to Ramesh and Rakesh Christian. Ramesh said to tell you that he prays for you every morning when he is reading his daily devotional from the Upper Room (which is the United Methodist daily devotional guide), and that he enjoyed very much seeing the pictures and reading the articles. I've never done this blogging thing before, so I hope I did it right and that you are getting the messages. Love in Christ, Jane