Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Breakfast Buffet at the Sinclair

Our Waiter

Idly-ground rice & water-steamed breads

Steamed Vegetables

Alumatasubji - potatoes, peas & curry

Bara-spicey & salty

Indian Puree a fried bread

Salti Samar a stew with curry & turnips

Corn Flakes



Pasta with a cream sauce

Our typical Indian breakfast buffet is filled with savory delights and accompanied by fresh juices (today's was watermelon), tea, milk, toast, boiled eggs and omelette on request.  Breakfast is included with the room and is hearty enough to last until a late lunch or early dinner.  The only sweet is the delightful mixed fruit jelly and the sugar for the tea.

We have been thrilled with the service at all three of our hotels thus far.  Indian hospitality cannot be beaten!

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  1. Hi, Pam,

    I'm so excited! I loved your description of Menendra and his family. What wonderful, wonderful people. Thank you for the pictures of the food at the breakfast buffet. My goodness, it looked like lunch or dinner to me. The pasta with cream sauce looked like mac & cheese made with penne, but I doubt it tasted like it! Just know that you and Jonnie are in my thoughts and prayers almost constantly, and I know it is the same with many, many others. God bless you in this marvelous ministry that you are doing. How exciting. You are literally following Jesus' command to go into all the world. Love, Jane