Saturday, February 25, 2012

The Children of Ruth Gunter


  1. Oh, my goodness. I had been thinking that you could not post pictures of all the children and that if I saw one of "our" girls, Rebecca and Lydia (just to help you out) that I would probably scream! I saw Rebecca today! Oh, my goodness. Her picture was not as close up as the others and I had to zoom out to read the bag. Thinking it was her all along, but not sure, by the time I could read Rebecca on her bag, I was calling excitedly for everyone to come and look. And then I saw Simon (one of Merita's)and Solomon just before Simon. Handsome, handsome lads. Simon stole my heart. He is a beautiful, beautiful child. What joy you are bringing to these beautiful children of God. You have done such a good job of taking gifts that are both meaningful and yet small enough to manage, like the heart lollipops and stickers. I'm always so thrilled to get new information. This is a time consuming task and thank you for doing it, even when you are worn out and need to be getting some rest because it involves us back at home by taking us on the way with you. As always, our prayers continue with you on your way. God bless you both. Love, Jane

  2. THANK YOU for sharing these wonderful photos, Pam! We were at home group when Richard let us know that your luggage finally reached you, and we all cheered - another answered prayer! We have been praying for you throughout your journey and will continue to do so. God Bless You!