Sunday, June 3, 2012

Super Sunday

The day was absolutely perfect from opening my eyes to retiring. Srey Nang made French toast & Sokhom made sticky rice...two of my favorites! There were 27 children who came for Sunday school singing for 30 minutes in English. With most songs we stopped and put a bookmark into the children's Bibles who brought them with them at the scripture represented by that song. They loved putting the cross at Matthew 27 and the ark at Genesis 6. Other bookmarks had the scriptures written on the back giving them a place to start in tackling their new Bibles! Now the stories we have told and translated over the three weeks will make more sense and be embedded in their minds and hearts. Our theme today was the great power of God in our individual lives using the stories of David and Goliath and Daniel in the Lion's den to illustrate that theme. Our song for the day was "My God is so Great." They were adorable singing, praying and listening attentively to me and to Srey Nang's translations. She has also grown so much in translating skills over these three weeks! We ended the session after worship was over and the adults came to watch us sing several songs and to stay and play Head and
Shoulders and Hokey Pokey. Perfect Sunday morning. **** We followed Paul & Debbie & Linda from the Ship of Life through the streets of Phnom Penh looking for a Thai restaurant. When we finally found it, it was closed for election day! The second Thai restaurant was closed, so we settle for an Irish one, Rice Paddy. Great Chicken Amok for me! Right across the street was the voting tent and lines of voters. We watched several walk by our outdoor table with black fingers-dipped in ink to indicate they had voted. It was fun to visit with the Pinkleys again before leaving and to share our experiences with them. Paul was excited to take eight Bibles provided by Mary's project back to the ship for his staff and a lady he has been studying with using the old Bibles based on the KJV. I gave Debbie and Linda "Richly Blessed" bags and Bible studies I had left. They were glad to have a physical memory of the three times we shared. **** Back home for ten minutes before the children began gathering around the house. I was using the rest hour to sort through left over items, pack and cool off from the 102 degrees and 100% humidity! Finally at 2:20 I decided that it was easier to join them than try to keep them quiet and collected in one place. We sang through all of our songs, played with bullfrogs and frisbees, played our games and sang the lollipop song! I distributed all of my goodies to those that had missed classes along the way and tried again to say good bye, but my little photographer wanted a last photo shoot, so he gathered my camera and all the kids for one last picture. The kids all had hugs and one drawing from fourteen year old Chornai who had earlier had stitches. **** This evening all of those left here instead of traveling to vote piled into two vehicles and went to Suki Soup for dinner. It was the first time some of them had ever been to a restaurant! The table has a big soup kettle built into it. You order from the menu the ingredients you want in your soup. The wait staff brings stacks of containers with meats, fish and greens to pour into the pot. Srey Nang and Phalika tossed each item in at the right moment to make everything ready at once. The two pots were quickly dished and eaten by twelve and a half hungry mouths! It was quite an experience. Because this was a holiday, there was little wait staff, the only choice today was the chef's special with lots of items in it...something Fatima would call refrigerator soup! **** Sokhom and I worked at translating/typing up the future plans for supporting the CBS graduates with chicken farming. Then final items hit the bags for tomorrow's six hour journey to Siem Reap. Our flight will leave from there Tuesday night. My return to Midland will take 27 hours from the time our flight lifts off from Cambodia till it sets down in Midland; however, I we will leave Seoul, Korea at 11:30 Wednesday morning and arrive in Dallas DFW at 9:30 that same morning!

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  1. Chanthy and his wife Phalika and son Daniel serve as Sokhom's right hand team!