Saturday, March 10, 2012

Come before Winter Preparations

CbW team preparations in Ukraine provides a time for building relationships and making ready every detail of the five days we will spend with our participants. Elina has joined us early to help us with translations here at the hotel.
This morning Janet and I woke early for prayer and study. We were very ready for coffee when breakfast opened at 9:00. Breakfast offerings included an egg casserole, sausage, ham, porridge, breads and an egg/cheesecake.
We had time in the morning to reorganize and explore a little more before gathering for a prayer walk throughout our facilities. Small groups of our team went in five different directions covering every bed, hall, meeting room, stairway and outdoor area with God’s blessings. It was such a sweet time of conversation between us and our Father as He walks beside us on our journey.
Lunch was served and our meetings began in earnest as we met to prepare for Monday’s arrival of ladies! We labeled books, put together name tags, stuffed book bags, determined locations for each activity, sorted materials, practiced choral readings, shared prayer times, walked through the various portions of the days and our responsibilities and practiced for the celebration!
This is such an incredible group of Royal Princesses! Blessings abound as stories are shared. Lives are changed as prayers are lifted. Community is formed as hearts are opened. We represent all walks of life and so many different areas of the country. Each has had some experience on the mission fields of the world bringing those cultural diversities into one team. It is so fun to sit back and watch God blending lives and supporting each one!
Another sweet night of rest awaits us as we anticipate worship and Sabbath rest tomorrow!

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