Tuesday, March 6, 2012


This morning we arose before the break of day--before you even had your dinner yesterday evening! The hotel shuttle took us over to the airport and kindly stayed with us till we were safely boarded and luggage stowed above our heads. We chugged along the rails for several hours before arriving at our destination about an hour and a half from Agra! Our driver was waiting with the rest of our luggage and was glad to see we had finally arrived…our train managed to be two hours late!
From there he drove us to the Red City where we toured the palace of one of the Indian Rajahs who had really tried his best to bring unity to India. He had married three wives…one Catholic, one Muslim and one Hindu. He built a palace for each of the wives, but his favorite wife certainly was evident! He palace area was three times the size of either of the other two! Each palace had symbols representing each of the three religions etched into the red sandstone. They were fabulous tributes to the artistry and ingenuity of the generations long past.
We stopped by the hotel to freshen up a bit before making our final trek of the day! We had originally been scheduled for an evening tour of the Taj Mahal, but our paperwork here indicated a morning tour. We were quite disappointed in that because we had heard that the colors of the sunset made the experience so much more enhancing! Our guide suggested we might want to see the Taj in the sunset, so we were thrilled with his suggestion. (That also means we can sleep in a little in the morning!)
The Taj Mahal is everything that anyone has ever said! It is beautiful beyond imagination! The grandeur and intricate detail merge to bring all of your senses together as your eyes widen each step you take towards it! Our guide knew exactly where to have us stand to take the best pictures…how to pose us to get the best effect…and where to lead us to get us into the line as easily all the way through the experience! I could not begin to tell you the majesty and splendor we experienced, so I will let you glance on a few of our favorite shots…

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